David Ellard

4th Dan Aikikai

I started training Aikido in 2000 with Jeremy Osbourne and John Saunders at a club in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Jeremy and John have a close relationship with Antony and I started to train primarily with him after the club in Dunstable closed.

Antony introduced me to the Scandinavian teachers Mouliko Halén, Jan Nevelius and Jorma Lyly whose generous teaching all helped kindle a love of Aikido and encouraged me to continue training in Aikido long-term.

This Scandinavian connection has allowed me to take my Aikikai-Tokyo Grades under Endo Sensei in Sweden; and it is the Aikido of Endo Sensei, Tissier Sensei and their many excellent students whom I most enjoy following and training under.

When I teach Aikido I try to impart some of the happiness and joy that training for Antony and these other teachers has to brought me.

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