Visiting from Overseas

Kamo Aikido are receiving more and more visitors from overseas, most often to join us for one of the many seminars we hold each year with international instructors.

Here at Kamo we are delighted by this development and more than happy to welcome and look after international visitors to our training.

However, you are considering visiting please consider the following notes:


Unlike many European and International aikido clubs most clubs in the UK, including Kamo, do NOT have a permanent dojo. This means there is no “mat to sleep on” when visiting us. It is never a problem to arrange accommodation with one of our members, but please ensure we have arranged this before-hand.

Airports and Transport to the dojo

If you are flying in to visit Kamo the closest airport to the club is Luton Airport, this is the easiest to fly to. Other Airports which are possible to use are London Heathrow and Birmingham, both of which are convenient car journey or train journeys away. London Stansted and London Gatwick on the other hand are notably more difficult to reach and should be avoided unless there is no affordable alternative.

Once in the UK be aware that the training hall that Kamo uses is in a tiny picturesque village outside the small market town of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, in a Country where public transport is limited at best. While it may be possible to get to Aylesbury by Train from London it is likely to be very time consuming, and a car journey will still be necessary to the dojo.

Our normal way of working with international visitors is to arrange direct transportation with one of our members from and to the airport, again this is not normally a problem but needs to be arranged in good time before the visit.

In summary, please do come and visit us! But, please contact David or Antony well beforehand to make sure the necessary arrangements are made.

If you require directions or further information please contact us.

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