Grading Information

At Kamo Aikido club we follow the grading syllabus as set out by Vanadis Aikido club.

The exception to this, are students who will take examinations for Endo Shihan.

Download the grading syllabus

Grade Video link
6th Kyu
Approximately 3 months after starting
Required techniques
5th Kyu
Approximately 6 months after 6th Kyu
Required techniques
4th Kyu
Approximately 1 year after 5th Kyu
Required techniques
3rd Kyu
Approximately 1 year after 4th Kyu
Required techniques
2nd Kyu
Approximately 1 year after 3rd Kyu
Required techniques
1st Kyu
Approximately 1 year after 2nd Kyu
Required techniques

These times should be viewed as the minimum time between grades.

Grading is an extremely personal event and the preparation one needs, varies both with ability and grade.

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