Antony Pinchbeck

5th Dan Aikikai

Antony started training in 1982 at the Montem Sports Centre in Slough, Berkshire. Soon moving on to train under Jack Poole at the Stadium Centre in 1983. The club was part of the British Aikido Federation, run under the guidance of Minoru Kanetsuka Sensei. 7th Dan Aikiaki. He remained in the BAF until settling in the Aylesbury area in 1995.

Here he trained under Bill Harris until the year 2000. In 1998 Mouliko Halén held a course for the Kai Shin Kai, the organisation that the Aylesbury clubs belonged too. Antony and some other members were inspired by what he had seen and over the next few years visited him in Norway and invited him back to the UK to teach. Mouliko was kind enough to introduce Antony to Jan Nevelius and Jorma Lyly from Sweden and Frank Ostoff from Germany.

These people have greatly influenced both how he teaches and the way he now practices, his yudansha grades have been taken in Sweden under Endo Sensei 8th Dan Aikikai.

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