Phil Garside

2nd Dan Aikikai

Phil started training in Kendo (Japanese fencing) in 1975 at a dojo in central London. Here he trained under Len Bean 7th Dan Iaido, 5th Dan Kendo, 5th Dan Jodo and Jock Hopson 7th Dan Iaido, 7th Dan Kendo, 7th Dan Jodo.

Phil attended regular camps taught by senior Japanese instructors such as Shizufumi Ishido sensei, 8th Dan Iaido, 8th Dan Jodo, 7th Dan Kendo. In 1997 he moved to Buckinghamshire and started Aikido training under Bill Harris. This is where he first came into contact with Antony. He continued his training under Antony when he started Kamo Aikido club in the year 2000.

Phil also holds: 3rd Dan Iaido, 1st Dan Kendo, 1st Dan Jodo

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